Key dates and information

Learn about the key dates, requirements and other important information for students planning to exhibit at the Endeavour Exhibition.

Key dates

A document that outlines all the key milestones and deadlines for Endeavour is available for project students to use as a guideline. It is the student’s responsibility to read through this document and meet their deadlines.

Download: Endeavour 2020 key dates and information [PDF]

Updated: 25 August 2020

Risk assessment

A new risk assessment form will be used for this year’s Endeavour students, and will be uploaded soon.

All groups participating in Endeavour must conduct a risk assessment and submit a completed risk assessment form.

This form requires each project group to declare the risks and identify risk management procedures.

This is additional to any risk assessments completed in your classes.

Endeavour Information Session

This is a briefing event for students participating in Endeavour.

Please note that some details and dates have changed. Refer to the Endeavour 2020 key dates and Information document above for the most up-to-date information.

The 2020 Endeavour Information Session was held Thursday 7 May 2020.