Road to Endeavour

The Road to Endeavour Competition has now closed for Semester 1, 2023

The Road to Endeavour Competition is about promoting your project on Instagram and increasing the engagement and awareness of your project and team. The competition is about being creative and effective with your team’s promotional material.

Instagram profiles will be judged based quantity of engagement with your campaign as well as the quality of your campaign. Some of the judging criteria include professionalism, approachability, and accessibility to the public.

Prior to the Endeavour Exhibition, the judging committee will judge the participating accounts and select a shortlist. These profiles will then be revisited on the day of Endeavour to select the top three winners.

To ensure all your Instagram stories are viewed by the judges, please ensure you add these stories to your ‘highlights’.

  • First place team prize: $1000 AUD total
  • Second place team prize: $500 AUD total
  • Third Place team prize: $300 AUD total

We highly encourage all students to produce a Road to Endeavour video as a fun way to present their project and promote within their own network.

For tips and tricks on how to enhance your content, download our Road to Endeavour pack

How to apply

To register your team, please ensure each member completes the consent form.

Send the completed forms to

Registrations close Wednesday 28 April but you can start your account at anytime.

Legal and consent forms

If your team has an industry partner and is shortlisted to take part in Road to Endeavour, you must seek permission from your industry partner to participate.

Entrants are advised to read the competition terms, video blog consent deed and industry partner consent deed prior to submitting their application.

Post suggestions

  • Introduce your team members
    • Profile photos and a brief bio of your team members: eg. what you're study, role in Endeavour and career goals
    • Video introduction: e.g. "Hi, my name is XX, I’m studying a Master of XX Engineering, I’ve been building the framework for our robot using [insert tool names], [equipment] and [skills].
  • Introduce your project
    • What problem are you trying to solve?
    • What's your elevator pitch for why your project matters?
    • How can your project help society?
  • Show us your work
    • Have you been using the Telstra Creator Space? Show us what equipment you’ve been using and how you’ve built your project.
    • Are you studying or writing reports? Take us on a ‘day in the life’ and show us how you spend your time (coffee break included).
  • Share the Exhibition
    • Invite your friends, family and followers to come to the Endeavour Exhibition
    • Show us your set up and booth details

Endeavour Sample Feed


If some of your project work or details are confidential, you can be strategic about how you share it on social media. If you have an industry partner, please ensure you/they complete the industry partner consent form.

You can:

  • Blur content in a post for privacy
  • Block our sections on your post or stories using text or shapes.

Hashtags and handles to use

When posting a post on Instagram, we recommend using hashtags to increase your reach and engagement. When someone searches a hashtag, Instagram pulls results for each post using that hashtag. Using a hashtag helps you reach your target audience, and likewise makes it easier for others to find your information and increase your engagement.

Using the hashtag #RoadToEndeavour and handle @engunimelb, will also result in the FEIT social media team seeing your posts and give them the opportunity to reshare it.

Other hashtags we suggest using are:

#Engineering #UniMelb #engineeringstudents @engunimelb

If you aren’t aware of how to post on Instagram stories, we recommend reading this quick guide on which highlights some of it’s features. Guide to Instagram Stories

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact Emily Badge:

Thank you for being a part of Endeavour Exhibition: Engineering and Information Technology for the future, we look forward to seeing your social media campaign!

Prizes & Awards

Want to know what other prizes are available to project students? View our industry awards page for more details.

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