Road to Endeavour

Share your Endeavour project journey and win!

Develop your promotional skills as a team, including scriptwriting, presenting to camera and basic video editing and spread the word about your excellent work.

This is a home-produced, maximum 1.5 minute video is designed to build excitement around your project, drawing industry, family, friends and the general public to your booth at the Endeavour Exhibition.

Video submissions must be no longer 1.5 minutes in length (1 minute recommended for smaller teams) and address the following:

  • Who you are (introduce each of the team members)
  • What course you are studying
  • What problem you are trying to solve
  • Why is it important
  • Message to come and see your solution at Endeavour Exhibition

Videos will be judged primarily on accessibility to the general public, they will not be based on length. Remember that longer content does not always mean more engaging content.

You may choose to include images or footage of your project in the promotional video, or simply speak to the screen. Additional recommendations on how to record and edit will be circulated via your Endeavour Canvas Community.

A shortlist of no less than 5 entries will be selected to be posted on social media. Public engagement with posts will be used to inform judges’ decision-making alongside:

  • Accessibility of the pitch to a general public audience
  • Engagement of the speakers
  • Professionalism

The top two teams will receive a cash prize alongside professional photography and/or videography of their project, for use in future promotions of their concept.

  • First place team prize: $1000 AUD total
  • Second place team prize: $500 AUD total
  • Third Place team prize: $300 AUD total
  • Fourth Place team prize: $125 AUD total
  • Fifth Place team prize: $75 AUD total each team.

We highly encourage all students to produce a Road to Endeavour video as a fun way to present their project and promote to their own network.


  • File name to include booth number and the team leader’s name.
  • A transcript must be provided with the video for captioning OR the students may caption the videos themselves.

Past entries

Check out some past entries for inspiration:

Endeavour Exhibition 2020: Advanced Lower Extremity Exoskeleton (ALEX)

Endeavour 2020: AI Gesture Recognition on the Go

Endeavour Exhibition 2020: Intelligent Parking System 2.0

How to apply

Create your video and submit it via Canvas.

Key dates

Submissions open! Sunday 20 March 11:59pm AEST

Submissions closing date: Sunday April 10 11:59pm AEST

Winners announced at the Endeavour Awards Night: Wednesday 25 May

Video length must be no longer than 1.5 minutes per video.

Legal and consent forms

If your team has an industry partner and is shortlisted to take part in Road to Endeavour, you must seek permission from your industry partner to participate.

Entrants are advised to read the competition terms, video blog consent deed and industry partner consent deed prior to submitting their application.

Download: industry partner consent deed [word doc, 20kb]

Download: video consent deed [word doc, 18kb]

Download: competition terms

Prizes & Awards

Want to know what other prizes are available to project students? View our industry awards page for more details.

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