Endeavour workshops

Endeavour workshops provide you with the opportunity to gain advice and boost your professional skills, focusing on posters, risk assessment, presentation and networking skills.

These workshops are not compulsory, but you are strongly encouraged to attend and ask any questions you may have.

Note: dates and times are subject to change.

Poster design workshop

2:00 pm Tuesday 17 August 2021 (online)

This workshop will assist your team in developing your project poster. You will have the opportunity to gain tips and advice for creating an effective and engaging poster that will help boost your marks and attract more attendees to your booth.

View the workshop video

Presentation and networking workshop

4:00 pm Wednesday 18 August 2021 (online)

This workshop will teach your project group how to:

  • Engage with a general public audience in an exhibition setting
  • ‘Sell’ your project to industry members
  • Prepare an online presentation (useful for your Road to Endeavour videos and for those participating online).

View the workshop video

Risk management workshop

2:00 pm Wednesday 25 August 2021 (online)

This workshop is to assist you in gaining a better understanding of risk and the risk matrix, how to conduct your risk assessment and how to fill out the form for your project group. This workshop will also discuss online safety and how to conduct yourself during the online exhibition.

Please download the slides for information on how to complete a risk assessment. If you have any questions, please use the drop-in sessions organised by the Health, Safety and Wellbeing team:
Tuesdays 10am – 11am
Thursdays 3:30pm – 4:30pm

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