NAVi Technologies

Endeavour 2016

A breakthrough in neonatal medicine, from Endeavour 2016.

Shing Yue Sheung and his team (Alexander Newton, Bradley Bergmann, Wei Sue and Mubin Yousuf) first presented their breakthrough medical device that aims to improve health outcomes for critically ill newborns.

Technology to save tiny lives

Their device, called the neoNAV, aims to increase the accuracy of umbilical venous catheter (UVC) placement in newborns by providing clinicians with accurate, real-time information on the location of the catheter tip. The procedure is used to deliver vital drugs and nutrients to newborns in neonatal intensive care.

Now a leading medtech startup

Co-founded by Melbourne School of Engineering and Melbourne Business School alumni, NAVi Medical Technologies is recognised as an award-winning medtech startup and has gone on to receive more than $200,000 in development funding. The team has received first prize in the Startup Vic HealthTech Pitch Night and other international medtech awards.

Shing says the success of NAVi Medical Technologies has been possible thanks to the team’s involvement in the BioDesign Innovation subject, a unique subject available to Master of Engineering (Biomedical) and Master of Engineering (Biomedical with Business), as well as and Master of Business Administration students.