Prizes and awards

Endeavour project students will be eligible for one or more of the prizes and awards presented at our Endeavour Awards Night.

This exciting event takes place after the Endeavour Exhibition on Wednesday 20 October.

The Departmental Awards are presented to the top project in each discipline, while other prize and award winners require a separate application to be eligible. There are many fantastic prizes and awards on offer, and we strongly encourage you to apply.

Endeavour sponsored and industry-specific awards

All students participating in Endeavour are eligible for awards generously provided by our industry sponsors and donors.

Endeavour Discipline Awards

The recipients of the Departmental Awards will be acknowledged at the Endeavour Awards Night.

The winning projects will receive prize money to be split amongst team members evenly. Funds for the awards have been generously bestowed from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Foundation.

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Foundation provides ongoing scholarships and awards based on academic merit and need. The Foundation is focused on generating financial and community support through relationships with industry, alumni and other groups that are interested in supporting the student experience at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

Departmental Awards will be presented across the following disciplines (these disciplines are subject to change due to student’s participation within each area).

  • Biomedical Engineering Discipline Award
  • Chemical Engineering Discipline Award
  • Computing and Information Systems Discipline Award
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Discipline Award
  • Infrastructure Engineering Discipline Award
  • Mechanical Engineering Discipline Award
  • Mechatronic Engineering Discipline Award